Places to See

After 9 days of cruising on a ship to New England and Canada, we returned more relaxed than when we left—but a few pounds heavier. Although vacations can make it difficult to eat healthy, restaurants, resorts and cruise lines are making that easier. Cruise lines are widely known for offering a steady stream of meals … Continue reading Places to See

Smart Snacking

Sometimes snacking gets a bad reputation, but it can be a secret weapon in the quest to eat healthier if you choose the right foods to nibble on. One of my go-to snacks is a handful of almonds. Not only do they satisfy hunger, but they can be a heart-healthy choice when eaten in moderation. … Continue reading Smart Snacking

Hit the Trail

A body in motion stays in motion. I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I’ve noticed that when I spend too long in the same position—whether I’m tapping on my keyboard on deadline or reading a novel on a lazy Sunday—I’m less inclined to do anything else. What’s more, I feel pretty crabby. So it … Continue reading Hit the Trail

Treasured Moments

When we visited Italy, we didn’t see people hurtling down the sidewalks clutching cups of coffee or sandwiches. In the U.S., at least in my corner of the country, life often becomes so hectic that it’s difficult to squeeze in a civilized meal—especially if you work long hours and have children. Americans may eat breakfast … Continue reading Treasured Moments

Meatless Mondays

Splurge a bit at the weekend barbeque? Get back on track by experimenting with meatless meals today. For more than a decade, the global Meatless Monday initiative has encouraged everyone to skip meat one day a week to promote wellness and reduce our environmental footprint. You might be surprised by the number of meatless meals … Continue reading Meatless Mondays